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About us

The public organization, “The Ukrainian Pituitary Society” was established in 2018 by The Association of Specialists of Pituitary Pathology, Neuroendocrinology and Surgery of the Skull Base

We are the first public association in Ukraine, according to the European model of specialists of various medical professions, based on the principle of complete independence from the state’s public health institutions, educational and commercial structures.

Our multidisciplinary project unites specialists from the fields of neurosurgery, endocrinology, radiology and ENT surgery

According to our statue, no priority is given to a particular speciality, there is no position of president and no one person manages the association. We hope that such democratic principles will contribute to the organization’s clear and transparent activities and, as a result, help patients when dealing with the most complicated pituitary pathology and skull base tumours

Our aim is:

  • The improvement of medical care in the most complicated of pathological cases.
  • To help in the professional growth of doctors and bring us up to world standards.
  • Awareness of patients and their adequate social

In the pursuit of these aims our association is open to cooperation:

  • with other professional associations
  • with scientific and medical institutions
  • with patient organizations
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Honorable presidents of the association



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